Can Image Annotation Be Cheaper?

Can Image Annotation Be Cheaper?

The cheap rate is a common term that every vendor use to reach their customers. This can ensure low-cost services, but may also tend to low-quality annotations. Maintaining superior work quality at cheap rate can be a challenge for many but not for Infolks. When global service charges for quality image labeling varies from 6-10 USD/hr, our fare starts from 3.5 USD/hr only. By ensuring fair services at these low rates, we have proved that image annotation can be made cheaper and reasonable. Curious to know how we balance both service quality and fares? Let’s find out.  


Locations do have an impact on enhancing solutions at low rates. Such areas are capable of implementing talented minds for these services at low wages. Developing nations like India is considered to be one such option and remains a prominent location for outsourcing solutions. Even though setting up a team at these economic friendly locations can enable perfect service quality, it can also be a burdened task. In that case, outsourcing the services will be a better option.

Huge Investments

Investments play a crucial role in deciding service quality and charges. As investments leverage, the price of solutions can also shoot up. Even with huge investments, we have managed our services to be at reasonable rates. Excited to know how? The answer lies in your perspective. We consider investments at a far different angle from what everyone assumes. We regard commitment, quality, promptness and a bit of infrastructure as our asset. Yes, we do have needed infrastructure for the smooth processing of our solutions but are not extravagant in it. This makes our investments huge and initial capital small.

Moreover, we are also not obsessed with the profit that we expect. These all have eventually helped us in finding a perfect balance between quality and pricing.

Resource Availability

The experienced and skilled workforce is a boon for growing enterprises. With an optimal workforce, companies are able to produce quality services on time and drive more revenue to the company. Getting a dedicated team at your back can always help you make the right claim and get the right client. Meet our annotation team to learn more about it.

Availability of resource like an image annotation tool can also help one in reducing their service pricing. For different annotation techniques, different tools might be required and purchasing the right tool can be costly. This can eventually lead to an increased service charge. We have developed a tool for our services which are compatible with all types of annotations and can be used both online and offline. This has aided us in reducing our service fares drastically.

Service Quality

Quality can indirectly help companies reduce their charges. While micro level inspection doesn’t show any effect on the service pricing, a macro-level observation gives us a clear picture of charge reduction. Ensuring quality services can rule out the chances for overall re-check and re-work. This eventually makes the services even more prompt and in turn reduce the overall cost. This is one of the technique through which we ensure fair services.

These are some of the reasons why we are able to provide high-quality annotations at reasonable rates. Connect with us to get your annotations done promptly. Stay tuned for more upcoming technical and non-technical tips.

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