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Recurrent Neural Network and Long Term Dependencies

Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) is a state-of-the art deep learning algorithm used for modeling sequential information. It is one of the most popular models that have given great promises in many NLP tasks.The idea behind recurrent neural network is to make use of sequential information. In a traditional neural network we assume that all inputs  are independent of each other.…


The Art of Image Recognition in Computer Vision

Today machine learning has become a driving force behind most of the technological advancements. Image recognition is one of the main advancements in machine learning. It is the analysis of objects within the images using a subset of learning algorithms called Convolutional Neural Network. Did you know that image recognition is one of the main streams that is decisive in…


Artificial Neural Network: A Comprehensive Study

The term “neural network” is a trending word in the tech industry. In reality, they’re much simpler than people imagine. Artificial Neural Network (ANN) is a framework in analogous with the structure of biological neural networks and the way it processes information in the human brain. It enables computers to learn from observational data like images, audios, text, labels, strings…

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