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Can Artificial Intelligence Safeguard Us?

Artificial intelligence is reshaping the whole world scenarios. With tremendous rise in this field, it's everyone’s concern that can artificial intelligence replace human intelligence? If so, how good substitute it can be in the areas like security requiring high level of intelligence. When we consider this topic for a debate, some accept it, some oppose it. For a better clarification,…

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Can Image Annotation Be Cheaper?

The cheap rate is a common term that every vendor use to reach their customers. This can ensure low-cost services, but may also tend to low-quality annotations. Maintaining superior work quality at cheap rate can be a challenge for many but not for Infolks. When global service charges for quality image labeling varies from 6-10 USD/hr, our fare starts from…

Different type of annotation techniques in Image Annotation
image annotation

Different type of annotation techniques in Image Annotation

Image annotation helps to make images readable for computer vision. Annotated images are useful for performance calculation of other fully automatic algorithm results. They are called as benchmark, ground truth or reference data. Comparing to the annotated images, it is possible to calculate true positives and false alarms of a fully automatic algorithm.Annotation in machine learning is the process of…


Medical Image annotation for future healthcare

Rather than other industry healthcare sector is totally different. It is on high priority sector all of us expect more care and services without considering the cost. Most of the interpretations of medical data are being done by the medical expert. After the success of deep learning in other real-world application, it is providing exciting solutions with good accuracy for…


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