Usages Of Drones During COVID 19: A Quick Look

Usages Of Drones During COVID 19: A Quick Look

Emerging technologies are helping us to fight against COVID 19 successfully. With social distancing being the only method to tackle the spread of viruses, technologies such as Artificial intelligence and drones are of great use now. The world is very much worried about the uncertainty of this pandemic. Lock downs and unexpected interruption in the business process have slowed down the growth and development in all industries. All possible solutions are implementing in the current situation. And it is for sure that AI and drones play a major role in the solutions to overcome the crisis. For the time being let’s have a quick look at usages of drones during the COVID-19 phase.

Are Drones Useful?

“As remotely piloted devices, drones are naturally effective to minimizing human interactions, which is crucial when the same officers meant to safeguard the communities can potentially become vectors for the virus to spread,” – Prem Vislawath, co-founder and CEO, Marut Drones, told ET Digital.

Drones during COVID 19
Drone in public space

Due to the increased effects of COVID-19, it’s safe to minimize human-to-human contacts. The drones are very much useful in this aspect. Drones can help us do many activities with less human intervention. The aerial surveillance also helps authorities to monitor public spaces and avoid crowd gathering successfully.

So indeed drones have got huge applications in the crisis and usage of drones during the COVID-19 phase is very useful.

Usages of Drones During COVID-19

The ability of drones to cover about 20 km a day along with needed commodities makes it applicable in wide areas. Drones developed nowadays are able to withstand a weight of around 60 kg and hence it’s possible to equip these devices with all needed elements. Some of the common commodities carried by drones in COVID 19 areas are HD cameras, thermal cameras, loudspeakers and disinfectants. Some of the notable applications of drones include:

Surveillance: Authorities use camera-equipped drones for active surveillance at every corner of the city. A fleet of drones monitor crowd gathering and to find people who are not using protective equipment at public places. This application ensures social distancing with less human involvement.

Announcements: Drones are used for broadcasting important announcements. Drones equipped with both cameras and loudspeakers are used for the purpose.

Disinfectant Spraying: Along with social distancing it is also necessary to make sure that public places are virus-free. In order to do this with less human involvement, drones are now used for spraying disinfectants in infected areas.

Disinfection using Drones

Delivery Drones: During this pandemic phase, the transportation of needed commodities is not that easy. Drones with high weight capacity can safely transport required commodities like medicines, groceries, etc.

Delivery drones during COVID 19
Drones delivering medicines

Temperature Check: Surveillance drones are now also equipping with thermal scanners to monitor the temperature of individuals. This application of drones helps us safely point out the person from a group who are most likely to have the infection. 

AI and Drones During COVID-19

With the introduction of Artificial Intelligence and its constituent techniques, drones have become more intelligent. Rather than just autopiloting, drones equipped with elements like cameras, thermal scanners, loudspeakers, etc. are able to analyze its surroundings and take decisions accordingly. 

Computer vision and Natural language processing (NLP) plays a major role in detecting the various types of objects while flying in midair. A high-performance onboard image processing and neural network are used for object detection and tracking while flying into the air. Drone captures the data using cameras and sensors. They are then analyzed for making necessary decisions.

Speaking on a practical scale, we have “Garuda” and “GLOBHE” as some of the examples for the above said drones.

Other AI Implications…

Drones are just one of the areas of AI applications. During this COVID phase, AI is also contributing to other fields of application.

Information Verification: With the spread of COVID 19, the spread of fake news regarding it is also rising. AI helps us stop the spread of false news with advanced NLP techniques. Leading social media platforms have already set up such information verification algorithms.

Diagnostic AI: The Medical field is another field of AI application that has become really useful in this phase. Nowadays, AI is using to analyze chest CT scans for accurate prediction and diagnosis of COVID-19. 

Tracking and Prediction: Track the records and predict the spread of this pandemic using NLP and machine learning techniques. The AI-driven algorithm analyzes billions of data points including global news reports and reports of animal disease outbreaks. 

AI Researches: AI is now also using for molecular synthesizing. This application of AI helps us formulate an accurate remedy for the disease by analyzing its database consisting of the molecular structure of drugs. This application of AI is really promising as vaccines for COVID 19 is yet to develop.

Powering Intelligent Drone And AI applications 

Annotating images for drones during COVID 19
Annotating image for intelligent drones

Intelligent drones and other AI applications are requiring to analyze images, texts, or audios in most of the cases. This analysis is possible by Computer vision and NLP techniques. The development of computer vision-based drones requires lots of training data to analyze various types of objects while flying. The drones must be able to detect every individual, sense crowd gathering, and analyze public places. In Medtech applications, devices must be able to accurately predict and diagnose the disease from scanned images or documents. For both the applications to work with better precision, it requires large sets of precisely labeled data for its training. Namely medical image annotation and Aerial image annotation. Labeling large volumes of data requires utmost care and experience and this is why it’s better to hire an experienced team like us

Who We Are?

We are a bunch of data labeling experts capable of powering such AI applications. We analyze medical, aerial, and all other forms of images to label it with needed information. Take a look at our aerial image annotation services and Medtech annotation services to know more. Even though it is the time of COVID-19 none of our services have stopped. We have set up a work from home system for our team so that all your data labeling requirements are met. Both quality and data security are primarily assured in our WFH system.

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