Virtual Identity Of Real World!
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Virtual Identity Of Real World!

Does virtual identity exist? Yes! Those who have their identity in the real world will have one in the other dimension too. We all are aware of databases which hold the detail of each and every citizen of the country, but how this builds the so-called “virtual identity”. The identity of any individual can be formulated from their whereabouts, likes and dislikes, etc.. Collection of these data are way too cumbersome and need to be simplified.

Facial recognition is a much better approach in this regard. The technique identifies and compares selected facial features from the image or video frame with a database. And can uniquely identify a person by analyzing patterns based on a person’s facial expressions and shape.

Initially face recognition systems were to detect the faces from the footages and the rest of the tagging process were done manually, which was quite a task. Later on, the idea of automatic indexing was introduced were indexing would be based on certain algorithms. Algorithms were developed and the machines had to be trained for the purpose. Here comes the importance of facial image annotations. It is the assigning of certain keywords to the various facial features in the image and the processed training data is fed to the machine. In the due time of the whole process, the machine is taught to detect and analyze the facial features, formulate and compare with the databases automatically to retrieve the individual details. It’s where other data are recorded to eventually formulate their virtual identity.  

Virtual identity is a huge data making it applicable to a wide a range of areas like surveillance, verification, marketing etc. The idea of smart stores by various organizations is an extension of this facility. This idea is also even applicable to social media helping the organization to manage and organize these data much easier and more accurately.

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