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EUGDPR Infolks Image annotation

Ultimate Platform for Image Annotation

Process accurate annotations at 4 USD/hr in a system compatible with GDPR standards.

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Ultimate Platform for Image Annotation

Process accurate annotations at 4 USD/hr in a system compatible with GDPR standards.

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About Us

Infolks is a fast-growing image annotation company that currently ranks best in India. With artificial intelligence trending, all its associated services also remain a significant topic of discussion. Among them, image annotation possesses paramount importance and we provide these services at the finest quality. We label images and videos to process quality training data for computer vision models under various use-cases. Since 2016, we have been progressively working to meet the rising demands in image annotation services. We also render our solutions for the most reasonable hourly rate in the market.

Why Us ?

Infolks Image Annotation
Experience over a Triennium

We have service experience of more than 3 years in the field. Over the course of time, we have annotated data of various use-cases.

Infolks Image Annotation
Premium Quality Services

We ensure best quality services through triple level checking. Three levels of mechanism consist of annotators, approvers, and QC managers.

Infolks Image Annotation
100% Data Security

Our systems are compatible with GDPR standards ensuring 100% security for your data at Infolks. Every in-house employee are also advised to sign a NDA for ensuring safe handling of data.

How it Works

Image Annotation in Artificial Intelligence

A primary step in enhancing any computer vision model is to set a training algorithm and validate these models using high-quality training data. We help you in processing the perfect training data once the type of image annotation required is selected. We possess expertise in various types of image annotation techniques as listed below.

Bounding Box image annotation
Bounding Box

A perfectly bounding box is used to label the objects in a given image.

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Image Segmentation

The image is segmented into different labels at its pixel level

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Countour image Annotation

Objects in an image are labeled by drawing an accurate contour around it.

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Image annotation produces labeled data or datasets. These are further used in machine learning algorithms for generating certain patterns which can help them get acquainted with these situations.

How its Done

AI System
Define Project
Define Project

Project schedules, output requirements and quality parameters are outlined. Data for the project is received and made available for Image annotations

Receiving Raw Data
Distribution and Processing

Collected data is batched and distributed among various annotation teams for processing quality data labeling

Distribution And Processing
Triple Level Quality Check

Annotated data are then subjected to quality check which is verified at 3 levels. Annotation are finally approved by dedicated managers

Tripple Level Quality Checking
Satisfaction and Payment

After the verification, annotated data is submitted and payment for the services are formulated only after a satisfactory feedback is received