Impact Of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

Impact Of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture

Agricultural sector plays an important role in the development of our country. Currently, the sector accounts for 20% of the whole country’s economy. According to reports, the GDP share of the sector came into the picture only after the 1950s and the incline wasn’t gradual despite the hard work of the farmers at that time. The situation even kept on reflecting in the recent reports published in 2011. Lack of smart technologies was one of the many reasons that accounted for such behavior. For the past few years, various technologies like artificial intelligence have been introduced and implemented in fields to improvise their productivity and output. With the limited expense of labour and time, such ideas have proven to be very much efficient.

A hard working farmer from 1950's
A major throwback to 1950’s

How smart work enabled?

As discussed, a smart way of approach promotes better workplace and productivity. How are these techniques implemented in fields? Artificial intelligence is the new face of technology which is making a breakthrough in the primary sector. Field analysis, seasonal forecasting, etc. are the common applications of this technique making impossible possible using limited resources. Such techniques are enabled through visually intelligent techniques like computer vision technology and other monitoring techniques.

Monitoring devices on the field help to sample and analyze the distribution of soil and other weather conditions. These smart modules are capable of interpreting the current scenarios and predict the possible future. This help the farmers make the right decision or even adopt a better move for improvising their yield of crops. Various startups like Intello labs and fasal has enabled such technologies already!

Implementation of computer vision technology has made mobile applications like plantix possible. This artificial intelligence model serves the purpose of detecting the weeds and diseases in plants. All one has to do is to get a clear picture of the plant from which the deficiency can be detected.

INFOLKS in AgriTech

With the rising implementation of various artificial and non-artificial techniques, our services are much concerned about aiding visually intelligent techniques in AgriTech industry. Computer vision technology requires rigorous training for the efficient performance of these models. At Infolks, we help the companies process the best training data for their models. Quality datasets are created from both sample images and videos obtained from the fields.
Ever planning to outsmart technologies on agriculture fields? Connect with us to get it done efficiently.

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