How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Fashion World?

How Artificial Intelligence is Revolutionizing Fashion World?

Artificial Intelligence has dramatically changed the way of businesses. It had been applied in numerous industries like finance, healthcare, education, transportation, and more. Even though AI was implemented in various fields, it was applied in fashion world recently. Fashion is now collaborating with science, engineering, and technology to build newer experiences for its consumers. Let us see how?

Why AI in Fashion World?

First of all let us see why fashion is important to us. To improve the beauty standards of our society, we constantly evolve our fashion requirements. As of 2014, the global apparel market values 3 trillion dollars accounting for 2 percent of the world’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This information proves that fashion is a big industry that makes a huge impact on the world’s budget.

The latest AI technologies like Machine learning and Computer vision has involved in our fashion in a way that it even recommends the items that match our style and likes. Ranging from recommendation systems to virtual assistants AI has made the life of consumers at more ease. And this is why we need AI in fashion industry. Leveraging AI in fashion gives many untapped opportunities for fashion retailers. Let’s go-through some of its examples to know more about it.

Smart Mirror

The smart mirror is an innovative technology, which provides a new way to try on clothing without getting undressed. The smart mirror gives an AI-based mix and matches recommendations inside the store. The technology can recognize the fashion elements including color, styles, and attributes of a particular fashion item picked up by a customer. For this technique, we use a combination of machine learning technology and human fashion specialists.

The smart mirror helps to try on and compare clothing virtually. Here we can change the color and patterns instantly, add accessories and see a 360-degree view with a single gesture. The reflected image in the mirror provides a virtual appearance of oneself with the selected clothing. Helping consumers make the right decision and prevent them from tiresome work of returning it for a better option.

Virtual Eye wears

In early times, if we want to purchase eye wear, the only way is to directly visit the shops. The advancements in technology enable people to try eye wear even without stepping out of their homes. Companies like lens kart is now on the technology path using an augmented reality space. Lens kart app and website both support this 3D try-on feature. Let’s have a quick look on how lens kart helps us.

Lens kart does this using our camera. An onscreen prompt directs us to look left and right to capture our faces from multiple angles. It shows how a selected frame will look on our face. We can swipe on this captured image to turn our head to the left and right to get the view of the glasses from different angles. And thereby helping to select the goggles that perfectly fit on our face.

The technology is AI. Using artificial intelligence, it analyzes and create a 3D structure of our face shape on which we can make our try on. We can record these try on sessions to examine options and share with friends to know their thoughts on your selection. It does this by scanning and detecting several facial features used in facial recognition systems.  

Facial Recognition

Automation in Apparel manufacturing

The apparel industry is one of the most globalized industries in our world. To improve the industry we need automatons that help us meet global standards in a short period of time.

Apparel manufacturing is a labor-intensive process. Ranging from simple sewing to diverse difficulty jobs all of them can be time consuming and mundane tasks. As automation comes into fashion world, it can increase productivity and considerably improve the industry’s sustainability. A fine example is the case of sewing robots.

Nowadays hand in hand application of robotics and computer-enhanced machine technologies helps to reduce the number of workers required for the mass production of clothing. Watch this video to know more about how automation is exercised in apparel industries :

Recommendation Systems

AI in fashion world has enabled us to power recommendation systems that can predict and align products according to our likes and dislikes. Stylumia is a fine example for the case. It is a market intelligence application which can predict fashion trends with the help of deep learning and AI technologies. This application targets clothing and apparel manufacturers, brands, retailers or fashion and lifestyle influencers who could possibly use the insights to know about future trends in fashion world. Such useful insights can help them optimize their product design and marketing strategies. Enabling them to attract more leads to their funneling strategies.

Infolks in Apparel Industry

As discussed above, the apparel industry in on the verge of AI revolution. These intelligent models require lots of training data for its application. Being an image annotation expert, Infolks process fine quality training data for these models. We have labeled data for training models used for facial and other gesture recognition. Key point is the usual type of annotation that we do for training these computer vision models. Infolks has made its recognizable impact on the modern apparel industry through quality image annotations and other data labeling services.


Digital leaders of the fashion world are using AI to increase their design skills and enhance their product development processes. The smart technologies can power greater speed, lower cost and enhanced flexibility at each stage of the supply chain. With better outcome and intelligence fashion world itself can enhance the shopping experience. Which can improvise customer service levels and attract more buyers to the stores in 2019.

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